IBAT for Business is intended for use by companies from all sectors, and offers several subscription options detailed below. For environmental consulting companies, we recommend the PAYG options. IBAT for Business is also the version for use by organisations from the not-for-profit sector who are working with or on behalf of a company. Users from the not-for-profit sector engaged with academic or research-related work are encouraged to check out the version of IBAT known as IBAT for Research and Conservation Planning

Enterprise annual subscription from $25,000

This option provides unrestricted access to the system for 12 months including unrestricted data download and proximity report generation. The fee for this option is US$25,000, excluding applicable taxes. Users requiring access to Red List species range maps can add these to their subscription for an additional $10,000.

PAYG Data Download subscription

This option provides download access to spatial data, covering protected areas, Key Biodiversity Areas and Red List species. PAYG data is available starting at $3,499 for 1 million km2 tiles. Multiple tiles can be provided with an increasing discount applied for adjoining tiles.

PAYG Report subscription

This option provides a single report, detailing protected areas and Key Biodiversity Areas within 50 km of a given location, and a list of globally threatened species that, given suitable habitat, may be found at or near to the given location. The fee for a single report is US$750.

All fees given above are exclusive of applicable taxes. 

Please note that we are planning for various IBAT upgrades in the coming months. As part of the early changes to IBAT, we will be launching two new account types for more geographically focused users who do not require access to significant reporting functions, or global data downloads. These accounts will enable IBAT to be more useful and accessible to a wider range of partners – and especially smaller operators. More information on these and other changes such as revised proximity reports will be announced as they come on line.

To discuss your needs, or if you have specific questions, please contact the IBAT Alliance.