Watch a video introducing the key features of the new version of IBAT

Clicking on the link below will open a video that runs for 35 minutes and introduces the new features of IBAT.

For those unfamiliar with IBAT, this video also serves to highlight the core functions and applications of IBAT, with a particular focus on screening investments, proximity analysis, GRI reporting (EN 11 and EN14) and reporting on freshwater biodiversity. The video does not go into the pay-as-you-go options, but it's worth noting that data available through a PAYG subscription is of particualr value to environmental consultants wishing to have access to spatial data pertaining to a particular project area, helping inform environmental impact assessments.

Watch the video

For convenience, you may also download the video and watch it off-line. To do this simply "right-click" on the link and select "Save link As...".